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Universal Compassion — Guided (Nondual) Meditation

universal compassion

A guided meditation on universal compassion by Michael Taft.

Starts almost at the beginning, and runs for one hour.

  • We begin by rousing bodhicitta (the heart and mind of awakening).
  • Then get focused, clear, and relaxed with shamatha.
  • Then contact nonduality with a “do-nothing” practice.
  • From that basis, we then enter a guided visualization, in which we contact the compassion and healing power of the Mother of All Buddhas.
  • We bring universal compassion to ourselves, our family, our neighborhood, our communities. Also to all political leaders, members of the police, and the military. We imagine them peaceful, loving, kind, and filled with love and compassion.
  • Then we bring compassion, love, kindness, healing, justice, and freedom to all oppressed people everywhere, to people suffering from injustice, to people who have been hurt, attacked, left out, silenced, and abused.

The meditation is followed by a dharma talk and Q&A.

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