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Upcoming Deconstructing Yourself events with Michael W. Taft

2019 Events

Mar 29-31, 2019Deconstructing Yourself weekend at Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

Sat, April 27 –  Daylong retreat co-teaching with Tucker Peck at the world famous San Francisco Dharma Collective. 2701 Folsom Ave.

June 7–14, 2019Awakened Body, Awakened Mind: Nondualism, Yoga, Neuroscience, and Meditation at Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Co-taught by Michael Taft and Yogi Nataraja Kallio.

July 6, 2019 – Daylong practice retreat at SFDC.

Aug 24th – Daylong “Metadharma” retreat at SFDC, co-teaching with Vince Horn of Buddhist geeks. Read description and sign up here.

Aug 30 – Sep 4, 2019 – Silent meditation retreat at The Hermitage, Denman Island, Canada.

Nov 8 – Nov 11, 2019 – Meditation retreat at Vajrapani retreat center (near Los Gatos, CA). Sign up here

2020 Events

June 12 – June 17 – Meditation retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Details to come.

Aug 14 – Aug 19, 2019 – Silent meditation retreat at The Hermitage, Denman Island, Canada. Details to come.

Denman Island 2019

Denman Island 2019

Ongoing Events

~ Michael teaches (almost) every Thursday night at 7:30 (Pacific Time) at the SF Dharma Collective in San Francisco. (2701 Folsom St.) Please come join us in person. If you cannot be there, it’s also streamed live (and then saved) on Michael’s youtube channel.

~ Michael leads the very special “Death Sangha” event one Saturday night per month at SFDC.

Death Sangha Description:

“At its core, all spirituality is about Death. The Buddha, Buddhism, and meditation practice have always been deeply concerned with Death, dying, and mortality. Every living thing has to face the reality of Death, and yet in modern meditation circles there is almost no confrontation with this ultimate question and primordial mystery. Instead there is denial, obfuscation, minimizing, and—essentially—painting a smiley face on the whole subject.

If that seems ridiculous to you, as well as something that misses the whole point, then Death Sangha is for you. In Death Sangha we will meet once a month to honor the fact of Death, to face our own and others’ mortality in a clear, unsullied, fierce, humble, and gracious manner. In Death Sangha we will play with the fantasies of both eternalism and nihilism, and experiment with the awakening that lies beyond both. We will confront experiences such as Cosmic Horror, Cosmic Shame, and Total Meaninglessness. We will also engage with the mythological, occult, psychological, historical, and phenomenological aspects of this most important topic. And of course we will do plenty of meditation.

Death Sangha is not a spectacle for the curious, nor is it a soporific for the frightened. In Death Sangha, you will confront your deepest fears, your most difficult warts and shadows, and learn to meditate with the reality of your own imminent demise. It has often been said that until we truly accept Death, we cannot actually live. In Death Sangha, we will not meekly accept Death, but rather learn to passionately and exuberantly dance with this final and most intimate partner.”

michael taft