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Donations Gratefully Accepted

Michael Taft is happy to offer meditation instruction and discussion to the world free of charge, via his Youtube channel and the Deconstructing Yourself podcast. It is offered in the hope that it will help to educate, inspire,  and perhaps even transform your life. Please let Michael know how it has helped you.

If you want to help Michael to continue to produce videos, podcasts, courses, and classes on meditation and awakening, you are welcome to donate here. There are several ways to donate:

Michael’s Venmo address is: @Michael_W_Taft

BTC: 3Pru61Bfmw9XWPJyfcawSfv6NxLH9up3WF

ETH: 0xa608050C236EB4784AC2a1e2Fde7484C6bde3546

Thank you!