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Nondual Meditations at The Alembic by Michael Taft

Outside the Mind Meditate Outside the MindPresented: December 8, 2023 - I want you to look with a lot of curiosity, a lot of openness, and just see if you can notice exactly where that's coming from. Where is the stream of thoughts arising from? Where is it arising, just in your own experience. This isn't something you can figure out,… Read More »Meditate Outside the Mind
Sorrows Resource for All the World’s SorrowsPresented: November 17, 2023 - Tuning into this spaciousness that's available, not only is it primordially pure, fresh and clean, notice that it is welcoming. It doesn't say no to anything. It has this tremendous quality of welcoming whatever arises, whatever is there. The space says hello, yes, welcome, to everything. It's fundamentally warm and… Read More »Resource for All the World’s Sorrows
nondual meditation The Simplest ThingPresented: October 27, 2023 - When we're caught up in thinking, it's like we've put ourselves in a cage. The minute you drop engagement with the thought. Again, the thoughts can still happen, we're not stopping, we're dropping the engagement. The minute you drop the thought, you're out of the cage!  Read More »The Simplest Thing
Contacting the Spaciousness WithinPresented: October 20, 2023 - Now, let this expression, this vibratory, vivacious, exuberant brocade of experience, reflect back on its own stillness, silence, darkness that is both its origin, its destination, and its current existence, and just feel grateful. Feel gratitude for this experience. Gratitude that anything is happening at all. The most unlikely thing… Read More »Contacting the Spaciousness Within
gratitude Gratitude for Simply BeingPresented: October 12, 2023 - Furthermore, you may notice that this expression of space as body and mind doesn't stop there. It radiates outward. This joyous expression of beauty and profundity radiates outward touching all other expressions, and all those other expressions radiate back to you. So even as this wakefulness, this wide open clarity… Read More »Gratitude for Simply Being
Resting Resting as Awake AwarenessPresented: October 5, 2023 - This practice in a way is completely trusting the always already wide awake, wide open nature of experience and that there's nothing at all we do that can improve that. But, we can let go of the things that distract from it; let go of all the involvement with doing… Read More »Resting as Awake Awareness
Nondual Freedom within Flow and OpennessPresented: September 29, 2023 - You can say that awakeness itself, space itself, is breathing; space itself is thinking; space itself is becoming somebody who feels like they are doing something. But never fixating there. Flowing back into energy, back into boundless open awakeness without any ground at all; nowhere to land, no box to… Read More »Nondual Freedom within Flow and Openness
Freedom Vibrating Awake Space and FreedomPresented: August 17, 2023 - reathing right between the eyebrows, breathing in through a hole in the third eye. But this time, instead of relaxation or heart opening, we're feeling wisdom and clarity in the third eye on the in-breath and on the out-breath, breathing out tremendous openness, brightness to our entire being, into the… Read More »Vibrating Awake Space and Freedom
nonduality Outside the Vacuum CavePresented: August 11, 2023 - Michael:  Awake space is rigpa. Technically, literally, rigpa is just the Tibetan word for knowledge–just regular knowledge–like any kind of knowledge, but when it's used in a Dzogchen context, it means awake space. Just like the Sanskrit word for it would be vidya, which is just knowledge. Read More »Outside the Vacuum Cave
tree earth sky The Tree of Earth and Sky Presented: November 18, 2022 - And so Earth energy is rising up spreading out through the trunk and branches and leaves of the tree.  This ancient, grounded, humble energy that is paradoxically both humble and noble. And the branches of the tree spread out into the vast, open sky, and the brilliant warm, healing, sacred… Read More »The Tree of Earth and Sky