mindfulness coachPeople come to 1-on-1 mindfulness coaching with me, Michael Taft, for different reasons. Some people want to learn mindfulness from scratch from a mindfulness coach. Some want to go deeper in their meditation practice. Some people want to work on coping with a specific issue, like anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. For all of these reasons and more, 1-on-1 mindfulness coaching with me can be exactly the right thing.

I craft individual programs for each person, based on your wants, needs, opportunities, and interest. Together we will develop a strategy for your ongoing mindfulness practice and achieving your goals. We will work over the telephone, Skype, and sometimes using text messaging, Facebook messaging, and email. Usually we meet once a week for an hour. The typical commitment I recommend is three months. That’s usually enough to get you on the right track. Once they get on track and we have established a good rapport, many people work with me on an ongoing basis.

Meditation is a lot like lifting weights. No matter how much you read about weight lifting, it’s not going to get you anywhere (unless you have a very heavy book). If you want to get the benefits, you have to get down to business and actually lift some weights. 

Meditation is the same. You can read a thousand books, and you won’t get any better at meditating. To actually get the benefits of mindfulness, you have to sit down and do the practice. Yet we all know how challenging, confusing, lonely, complex, and just plain difficult it can be.

Imagine having your own personal mindfulness coach. Somebody to guide you one-on-one in your meditation practice. A friend who can point the way. It’s like having a personal trainer to help you with your weight lifting.


When you sign up for personal meditation sessions with me, that is what you get. With calm, patient, and friendly guidance, you receive the following:

  • Step-by-step guidance – Meditation is a skill, and requires training like any other. In a personal session you get the expert, specific, and understanding instruction you need to succeed.

  • Personalized instruction – Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all technique. Different people respond favorably to different techniques. In a personal session with me, your meditation practice will be tailor-made to fit your unique personality, situation, and goals. I don’t just teach mindfulness, if you’re looking for nondual-type practices or many other forms, I can work with you on those, too.

  • Feedback & Encouragement – Boost your skill acquisition by getting friendly, consistent feedback about your progress in learning and practicing meditation. Sometimes you just need a mindfulness coach to get you through the next round of a workout. And often it helps to get affirmation from outside that you’re doing it right, and making solid progress.

  • Life Counseling – When you commit to a daily meditation practice, all areas of live begin to change and improve. I have decades of experience helping to guide people through this life-changing and ongoing transition.

  • Structure & Accountability – Despite your best intentions, keeping to a daily meditation practice is often a challenge. By setting up a schedule of practice, and meeting regularly with me, you can achieve your goal of cultivating a powerful daily meditation practice.

  • Humor, warmth, and decades of real-world experience I have been meditating for about 35 years, and have been teaching people to meditate for over a decade. I have guided hundreds of people to deeper, more effective meditation, and greater achievement and fulfillment in life. Read what some of my students are saying here. I can help you to develop a powerful and life-changing meditation practice too.

mindfulness coach What happens in a session?

Each session is crafted for the individual, but they tend to be composed of several things: guided meditation sessions, questions by me about the details of your practice, and an opportunity for you to ask me questions about your practice. This dialog will keep you on track and progressing at an optimal rate. I also ask that you keep a journal of your meditation questions, experiences, and reports so that we can review that each week.

As a mindful life coach, I also welcome questions about your life, achieving your goals, and other topics that we deem relevant to your progress.

All together, this system offers you complete support for your practice. The flexibility and personalization of your sessions means that you will never be just a cog in the machine, or subjected to cookie-cutter answers or methods. Many clients have found this way of working to be very beneficial.

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Note: My 1:1 mindfulness coaching is very popular, and people who start often choose to stay for long periods. Because I’m just one person, and turnover of students is low, personal mindfulness coaching sessions with me are limited, and you may have to wait to get in.



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