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Meditation for Metamodern Mutants​​

Deconstructing Yourself is all about sharing the life-changing force that is meditation.

We extend beyond any particular religion or technique in order to welcome any and all who are interested.

Deconstructing Yourself strives to encourage, inform, and inspire your meditation practice towards ongoing awakening.


Michael W. Taft

Learn nondual meditation with Michael Taft’s online courses

Original Love with Henry Shukman
Host Michael Taft talks with meditation teacher and author Henry Shukman about love, original love vs. original sin, wellbeing intense enough to be called “blessedness,” seeing…
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peter mcewen
Practicing Tummo with Peter McEwen
Host Michael Taft speaks with meditation coach Peter McEwen about the traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice of tummo, deity yoga, the subtle body, ways that tummo practice…
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Effortless Nondual Awareness
Now, look carefully, right now, where is the awareness coming from? What’s its source? It’s boundless, timeless–the entire world is arising within it. The entire sense…
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