Mindfulness Meditation and Awakening for Modern Mutants

At Deconstructing Yourself, we share the life changing force that is meditation. As teachers, authors, and practitioners, we strive to extend beyond any particular religion or technique in order to welcome anyone into our community. Our original articles are written with honesty, authority, and curiosity, in hopes of encouraging, informing, and inspiring your meditation practice towards actual ongoing awakening.

And we definitely don’t shy away from being controversial.

~ Michael Taft


Learn Mindfulness

We at Deconstructing Yourself have spent decades learning and teaching mindfulness meditation. And we have written about it for you! Check out all our articles that can help you with your practice at all levels.

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Nondualism, Non Duality, Emptiness, and more

Nonduality is the human experience of oneness with all things; a sense of connectedness and identity with the entire universe. It is intimacy with everything.

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Mindful Awakening

The experience itself has shown you that every experience, every arising of sensory activity in the vast space of awareness, contains an opening. A key to reveal its own secret. It only wants to be known deeply enough.

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Secrets of Concentration

Focusing your attention a fundamental skill that improves virtually everything you do in life. It’s also one of the basic building blocks of a good meditation practice.

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Mindful Sex

I didn’t know that an amazing sex life would be a side effect of meditation when I started this journey. Actually I didn’t even know that my sex life was missing something. Now I know that there are no limits to the pleasures that await me. I now consider my sexuality to be as much of my spiritual practice as sitting on the cushion.

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Mindful Dying

Each of us can die at any moment, and we have no idea when that moment will be. Contemplation of death, dying, and hospice is an integral part of any meditation path.

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