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Pure Embodied Awareness

pure embodied awareness

Guided nondual meditation by Michael Taft at the San Francisco Dharma Collective.

Meditation lasts 1 hour, followed by dharma talk and questions.

When we allow awareness to simply and directly notice body sensations—without the tension or effort of egoic manipulation—we come into a kind of pure embodied awareness.

We also notice that all sensations in the body—just like all sensations of any kind—are essentially empty. Noticing this emptiness at these sensitive points in the body helps to remove fusion and identification with the sense of self.

This technique of moving the apparent center of awareness around the body is a powerful technique. In reality, there is no center of awareness anywhere in particular, rather it is everywhere. That is, every point in awareness is equally aware. We can use that in meditations like “dropping the ball” to simply rest in even awareness everywhere. Or, like in this meditation, we can allow an apparent center to appear anywhere. Again, this powerfully undermines the sense of awareness being located only in the head.

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