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Nondual Vipashyana on Experience Arising


Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

One hour guided meditation, followed by a dharma talk and Q&A.

In all the meditations from Michael (labeled “nondual”) there is a structure behind what we are doing. First there is the concentration/relaxation section, called “shamatha with an object.” Then we move into shamatha without an object, which Michael also calls “Dropping the Ball.” After that, there are many different moves or practices we can do, and often do in these guided meditation videos.

In this video, we go to the next stage, which is nondual vipashyana. Vipashyana is the Sanskrit word which is cognate to the Pali word most people are familiar with, vipassana (i.e. “mindfulness.”). Both of these words mean “investigation” or “insight.” Michael uses the Sanskrit vipashyana to emphasize the spacious, nondual method of insight, versus the more dualistic vipassana. In this video, he teaches you how to do nondual vipashyana. Vipashyana is the method uses in Vajrayana and Dzogchen practice.

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