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Nondual Investigation of Mind

investigation of mind

Guided Meditation by Michael Taft

This one-hour nondual guided meditation is followed by commentary and a Q&A session.

Meditation begins at 00:01.
– Rousing Bodhicitta
– Shamatha with an object
– Shamatha without an object (Relaxing the core of your mind)
– 30:00 we begin vipashyana. In this case, investigating the nature of the mind.
– 60:00 end medition

At first it may seem like the vipashyana is ridiculous or a meaningless waste of time. Can anyone take seriously a question such as What is the color of your mind? What does it even mean to ask What is the shape of the mind? I assure you that the exercises in this meditation are meant to be done with a genuine sense of curiosity and interest.

It is very important to look into the mind as clearly as possible. Doing so, we see that any sense of the mind being an object, or a thing with definite physical properties, or located somewhere, and so on, is definitely not accurate. Yet it is also not the case that it is nothing, or that there is absolutely nothing there. There is some kind of experience happening, and that is not nothingness or some sort of absence. This nebulous character of the mind is very intriguing once you notice it. Is the mind there or not there? Is it a thing or not a thing? Look very closely and see for yourself.

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