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How to Be Mindful While Surfing the Net

For many of us, the Internet represents the pinnacle of distraction. But it we don’t have to encounter it that way. This article from The Atlantic talks about simple ways to build effective mindfulness practice into the experience of surfing the Net.

Every tiny action that you take in a day is an opportunity to be mindful. Drinking coffee. Brushing your teeth. Waiting in line. Picking your nose. Flushing the toilet. If you can bring yourself to be really present in these moments, then life’s mundanities and unpleasantries will be revealed to you as the treasures they truly are.

You’ve probably heard this before. You probably see stories and tips about mindfulness online every day. But did you realize that reading these articles is also an opportunity to be mindful? How many people spend their lunch breaks and commutes mindlessly clicking on these links? If you do it mindfully, instead, clicking on a link can also mean clicking on happiness. Here’s how:


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photo by Dirk Marwede

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