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Meditating Down the Stack

meditating down the stack

Guided mindfulness meditation from the surface of awareness to the very source of awareness. Michael guides the group through a meditation descending through (most of) his vipassana map.

One hour sit. Starts almost at the beginning.

Followed by dharma talk and Q&A.

See this podcast to understand the system Michael is using here:

2 thoughts on “Meditating Down the Stack”

  1. Thanks for this session Michael. What you talked about in the Q&A about coming back up the stack rather than being checked-out got my attention. I’ve sometimes had trouble with reintegration after the sits where impermanence and emptiness present themselves clearly. What resources would you suggest that discuss this POV of later Buddhism on the importance of being part of it all?

    Also, I thought Shinzen’s spontaneity quadrant is supposed to address this coming back up the stack part, although I feel that it addressed the how to function from emptiness part and not much the why. I feel like there’s plenty of instruction on the emptying out, but not as much in what comes after.

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