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Mahamudra Vipshyana on the Moving Mind – Guided Meditation

mahamudra vipashyana

Michael Taft teaches this guided meditation called Mahamudra Vipshyana on the Moving Mind. Once we contact vast, spacious awareness clearly, it is possible to observe the arising of thoughts from this (non)perspective. We witness thoughts surfacing clearly, brightly, vibrantly, sharply, spontaneously and simply observe them. If at any point we become entangled with the content of the thoughts, we notice that and pull ourselves back to simply observing.

Although spacious awareness is always present, it is important to notice that when we get wrapped up in the content of thinking, or fusing with thinking as an identity, the contact with spacious awareness becomes occluded or seems to be lost. Pulling the mind out of fusion or enmeshment with thinking (even while staying in close, clear, bright contact with thought), vast spacious awareness is immediately noticeable again.

Note: vipashyana is the Sanskrit form of the Pali vipassana.

h/t to Reggie Ray for some of the details of this practice.

Guided Meditation last one hour.
Dharma talk begins at: 1:02:30

1 thought on “Mahamudra Vipshyana on the Moving Mind – Guided Meditation”

  1. Hi Michael,

    Some of your YouTube videos have (auto-generated?!) subtitles, which I can download and use as a transcript to study from. Some videos don’t. I have found instructions on how to let YouTube auto-generate subtitles for videos here:

    The following recent videos are missing subtitles: “Discovering Sky-like Mind”, “The World Is Inside You”, “Allowing Vast, Open Awareness to Do Vipassana” ,”Three Vehicle Investigation”, “Dissolving into Vast, Spacious Awareness”, “Mahamudra Vipashyana on the Moving Mind”. If you find the time and feel like it, I’d highly appreciate if you could add them.

    Thank you so much for making your guided meditations available. They have helped me a lot.

    Best wishes

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