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Healing the Exile in Nondual Awareness

healing the exile

Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

There are currently several systems of therapy that teach us to work with various parts of our multiple selves, in order to heal and to integrate. Coming from Western psychotherapy models, these systems are typically dialogical (i.e. they work via a dialog) and have a foggy or mistaken idea about the “Self” as the center of the being.

Although this meditation is not in any way intended as a replacement for psychotherapy, Michael here introduces an approach that is based on a deep understanding of the Natural Mind. It also mirrors several Vajrayana techniques that are in some ways similar.

We begin by dropping into the space of Rigpa, and then calling up an “exiled” part of ourselves. This is any part of us that feels abandoned, alone, forgotten, forsaken, wounded, hurt, or otherwise exiled from the rest of ourselves. Then we allow this exiled part to dwell in Rigpa; not using dialog, but simply allowing the fundamental clarity, awakeness, warmth, kindness, spaciousness, and love of the Natural Mind to do its work of integrating and healing the exile. Again, never do this practice without the permission of your psychotherapist.

After the meditation, there is a dharma talk and Q&A.

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  1. Dear Michael, I am not able to send a message via the box for 1:1 teaching but I would very much love to work with you. My email is, if you have an email/ other contacts I would very much love to get in touch. Thanks!

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