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Giving Back to Deconstructing Yourself

The DY team: Jessica Graham & Michael W. Taft

At Deconstructing Yourself we are passionate about bringing you the very best of what we have to offer on mindfulness, meditation, and awakening. We are stoked to offer our efforts—which adds up to a huge amount of time, work, blood, sweat, and tears—and we’ve done so for six years now with zero advertising. We will continue doing just that for the foreseeable future.

Yet there are real-world financial costs of running the site—servers, bandwidth, caching, and more—that are also significant each month. The point of most these costs boil down to making the site load faster and function better to give you an excellent experience each visit.

If you feel moved to help out, you can easily do so by becoming a monthly subscriber. A small recurring donation will help us keep the site running at the highest level of quality, we would really appreciate it. There are three engagement sizes to choose from, and they all are very, very helpful to us.

~ Thank you. Feeling gratitude in advance.

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