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Giving and Receiving (Nondual Sun Visualization)

nondual sun

This guided meditation is a westernized and adapted version of tonglen meditation from the Vajrayana tradition of Tibet and India. Tonglen means giving and receiving, and in this sit we’re giving the compassion the healing the strength the joy the wisdom to the world, we’re and taking on all the suffering and burning it all off. We take it all on and burn it off on the in-breath, and we radiate out all the joy and compassion on the out-breath.

In this version of tonglen, we’re imagining a sun composed of pure awakened wisdom in our heart center, and this awakened sun is doing the “work” of burning off the suffering and pain of the world. Our small, egoic mind—the ordinary mind—is not capable of doing it, but our buddha nature can do it. The sun of pure awakened wisdom in our hearts can do it. And so we visualize it doing that.

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