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Death Sangha—May 2020

death meditation
meditation on death

Guided meditation on death and dying by Michael Taft. Although the remembrance of death (maranasati) is a traditional practice, this is a non-traditional version.

Meditation begins at about 35:00 and lasts for one hour.

WARNING: May be very intense for some viewers.

Meditation on death is something that we would ideally do every day. Remembrance of death (also called memento mori) is crucial for cutting through the numbing effects of the quotidian and the profusion of meaningless cruft filling up every minute of the day.

The truth is we don’t know when or how we will die. It can happen any day, at any time. It could happen to you today. Remembering this is a powerful way to bring clarity and presence into every moment. As such, it is a vital part of every meditation practice.

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