What Is the Best Meditation App?

Wondering what are the best meditation apps? Look no further.

The last decade has seen a revolution in the millennia-old traditions of teaching and learning meditation. With the arrival of the smartphone, there has arisen the possibility of the a meditation teacher that is always available, always with you, helping you to learn to meditate under all sorts of conditions.

Currently there are dozens of meditation apps available. Most of them are not much more than a wrapper around a bunch of guided meditations. Nothing wrong with that, but they don’t really utilize the full potential for a meditation app to help you to actually learn to meditate better. Let’s look at several apps that do.

As an important note: I either help to create several of these apps, or to create content for them. My opinion is hardly unbiased. On the other hand, it’s not like I’m raking in the dough from these products, or trying to advertise for them. My enthusiasm is based on the fact that I actually believe in them and in what their doing. For the record, I have nothing at all to do with Headspace or Calm.

Simple Habit

This is the best meditation app on the market, in my opinion. Hundreds and hundreds of meditations by first-rate teachers, and an excellent interface for getting to what you want and need effortlessly. The biggest downside, in my opinion, is that they use SH-branded introduction to every meditation, which is kind of invasive and markety for my taste. At least the voice and music that this intro uses is pleasant. Except for that, I like everything about this app. Furthermore, the team that creates the app, headed by Yunha Kim, is kind-hearted, dedicated, and fun. If you want an app that gives you very wide range of meditation situations to choose from (such as Study Break Boost”, a seven-day series on “Mindful Communication”, and “Overcome Orgasm Anxiety for Women”, by our very own Jessica Graham), then you will love Simple Habit.




This is a brand new app focused on using meditation (and related techniques) for creating a better work experience for yourself and others.










This app is especially made for students of the teachings of Shinzen Young (of which I am one). I have had very little input into this app, for the record. It helps you to learn and practice in Shinzen’s style, which is both complex and comprehensive. As such, this is probably not a great app for beginners, but an excellent app for people who have learned the basics of meditation practice and now what to go much deeper.





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