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Vast Spacious Awareness Centered in the Belly

vast spacious awareness

Nondual Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

The title is a bit of a misnomer. In the final analysis, awareness is not centered anywhere in particular. It is either “centered” everywhere at once or nowhere at all. The normal place where we consider awareness to originate—the head or the heart, for example—is simply a habit of the mind. It’s not some kind of reality.

An interesting corollary of the centerlessness of awareness is that we can voluntarily move the apparent center of awareness anywhere we choose. Because any supposed center of awareness is arbitrary, we can arbitrarily choose where we wish to pretend that awareness originates.

Doing this has some powerful and useful effects. One is that it demonstrates that the supposed center of awareness is an empty construction of the mind that we can change at will, and even let go of completely. Letting go of it completely is important as we go even deeper in our awareness practice.

Another feature is that we can use apparent centers of awareness as a focal point for certain types of energy practices, which is the exercise we’re doing here.

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