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The Inconceivable


Hour-long guided meditation by Michael Taft, exploring the inconceivable nature of awareness and experience.
Live stream from SFDC, specially transported to Sarvagandhasugandha for one night.
Meditation ends around 1:01:00
Then dharma talk and Q&A.

Meditation steps:
– Shamatha (i.e. relax and focus)
– Contacting the natural mind
– Noticing the dream-like nature of experience

Nondual meditation flips the usual experience of self and world vis-a-vis awareness. From the natural mind (i.e. awareness itself) we notice that self and world are simply activities that arise in awareness, rather than the other way around. The arisings of self and world are like dreams, mirages, rainbows that are both there and not there, present and utterly insubstantial. Is it all just a dream in the Mind? This is what Michael is calling “the Inconceivable.”

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