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Deconstructing Yourself Podcast

The Magic of Vajrayana with Ken McLeod Transcript

My name is Michael Taft, your host on the podcast, and in this episode, I’m speaking once again with Ken MacLeod. Ken MacLeod began his study and practice of Buddhism in 1970 under the eminent Tibetan master Kalu Rinpoche. After completing two three-year retreats, he was appointed as resident teacher for Kalu Rinpoche’s Center in Los Angeles, where he developed innovative approaches to teaching and translation. After his teacher’s death in 1989, Ken established Unfettered Mind, a place for those whose path lies outside established institutions. His many published works include Wake Up To Your Life, A Trackless Path, and his brand new book entitled The Magic of Vajrayana. And now I give you the episode of Deconstructing Yourself that I call “The Magic of Vajrayana with Ken MacLeod.”