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Outside the Vacuum Cave

Michael:  Awake space is rigpa. Technically, literally, rigpa is just the Tibetan word for knowledge–just regular knowledge–like any kind of knowledge, but when it’s used in a Dzogchen context, it means awake space. Just like the Sanskrit word for it would be vidya, which is just knowledge.

Sam Harris

A Conversation with Sam Harris

Host Michael Taft speaks with author, philosopher, and neuroscientist Sam Harris about aspects of meditation, the fusion of vipassana and nondual practice as the “gold standard” for practitioners, insights into selflessness through mindfulness and concentration,The distinction between moment-to-moment experiences and peak experiences, personal experiences with MDMA and psilocybin, the role of psychedelics in initiating spiritual introspection, concerns about the misuse of psychedelics and potential pitfalls, and more. 

Nondual Freedom within Flow and Openness

You can say that awakeness itself, space itself, is breathing; space itself is thinking; space itself is becoming somebody who feels like they are doing something. But never fixating there. Flowing back into energy, back into boundless open awakeness without any ground at all; nowhere to land, no box to put it in. You may notice an exuberance, a kind of background joy, a kind of deep pleasantness that comes with just letting this flow of experience flow without ever crystallizing into any particular thing. Continuously aware of the groundless openness at the core of it, and yet, the vivid and exuberant display of all experience. 

nondual meditation

The Simplest Thing

When we’re caught up in thinking, it’s like we’ve put ourselves in a cage. The minute you drop engagement with the thought. Again, the thoughts can still happen, we’re not stopping, we’re dropping the engagement. The minute you drop the thought, you’re out of the cage! 


The Magic of Vajrayana with Ken McLeod, Part 2 Transcript

My name is Michael Taft, your host on the podcast, and in this episode, I’m speaking, once again, with Ken McLeod. Ken McLeod began his study and practice of Buddhism in 1970 under the eminent Tibetan master Kalu Rinpoche. After completing two three-year retreats, he was appointed as resident teacher for Kalu Rinpoche Center in Los Angeles, where he developed innovative approaches to teaching and translation. After his teacher’s death in 1989, Ken established Unfettered Mind, a place for those whose path lies outside established institutions. His many published works include Wake Up To Your Life, A Trackless Path, and his brand new book entitled The Magic Of Vajrayana. And now without further ado, I give you part two of the episode called “The Magic of Vajrayana with Ken McLeod.”

Contacting the Spaciousness Within

Now, let this expression, this vibratory, vivacious, exuberant brocade of experience, reflect back on its own stillness, silence, darkness that is both its origin, its destination, and its current existence, and just feel grateful. Feel gratitude for this experience. Gratitude that anything is happening at all. The most unlikely thing in the world is that anything is happening at all. Gratitude for this moment.

full moon compassion

The Full Moon of Compassion

The moon of bodhicitta, the moon of your own deepest already existing primordial purity. And so the light of this moon is reaching out and touching you with a sense of tremendous compassion. It’s very kind, very loving, it’s really open; it’s delighting in your presence rather than judgmental; and you feel a real sense of friendship and warmth and being known and understood. Furthermore, this moon is tremendously wise and confident. It has perfect confidence and authenticity. It is what it is. And you feel, again, these waves of wisdom, clarity, confidence, authenticity, even nobility pouring from the moon into you.


What Is Noticing?

It’s this radiant, vibrant display in awareness rippling with color, light, sound, feeling, energy and yet also oddly unfindable or unlocatable and even what knows it is unknown. Now when I sound this bell. What’s the question? The question is what knows this sound?

guided nondual meditation

Emptiness of Thought and Feeling

Hour-long guided nondual meditation practice with Michael Taft. Followed by group Q&A. Learn more about nonduality here. You can watch many more videos in this series here.