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Spacious Timeless Stillness Outside Thought and Ego

spacious timeless

Nondual Guided Meditation by Michael Taft

The average person spends almost their entire waking adult life trapped inside the constructs of thoughts and the personality. We believe that we are our thoughts; we believe that we are our ego. This belief, however, is entirely untrue. Our pristine awareness exists outside of thought and ego entirely. In fact, thought and ego occur as activities that arise within our awareness, not the other way around.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with thinking. We need it to plan and to navigate the complexities of life. There is also nothing wrong with our ego function; we need it to interact successfully with other humans. So thought and ego, in and of themselves, are fine.

The problem is when we believe that we ARE our thoughts; and we ARE our ego. Thoughts are just mental constructs, which do not in any way constitute and identity. The ego is just a deeper mental construct, composed of both thoughts (mainly the story we tell ourselves about our likes, dislikes, and personal history) and various emotions. Our identity cannot be found in thoughts. Our identity cannot be found in the ego. They are just functions awareness uses to navigate the world.

This difference makes all the difference. When we can allow thinking to happen, but not BE the thinking, we experience great freedom. When we can allow the ego to do its thing, but not BE the ego, we experience tremendous liberation from suffering.

Locate your viewpoint in the awareness which knows thoughts and ego. Observe them from this awareness, and you will begin to taste this deep, abiding freedom and ease.

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