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Resting Awareness in the Heart

resting awareness in the heart

One-hour nondual guided meditation with Michael Taft.

Most people think of themselves as having awareness, which is located in a brain, which is inside a body, which is inside the world. While this works well for navigating the practicalities of life, it is the opposite of how we view things in nondual meditation. In the nondual view, the appearance of self-and-world arises within awareness, and is not separate from awareness.

Because the body is one of the appearances in awareness, there is no single body location that is the center of awareness. Rather any body location can be arbitrarily felt to be the center of awareness if we wish.

It’s interesting to note that, because different locations in the body feel different, “centering” awareness in a particular location will tend to color our view of the world, based on the feelings of that location.

In this guided meditation, Michael allows you to experience the heart region as the center of awareness, and feel the loving and compassionate sense of awareness there.

Meditation begins with Shamatha with an object.
Then Shamatha without an object.
Then dropping awareness into the heart.

After the meditation, there is a dharma talk and a Q&A section.

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