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At Home Guided Meditations by Michael Taft

Most of these meditations occurred during the Covid lockdown. We were forced to close SFDC, and so I began guiding meditations directly on Youtube. Not all of these are “from home” in a literal sense, but you get the idea.

Effortless Awareness that is Always PresentPresented: January 20, 2022 - There's nothing to change. There's nothing to fix. There's nothing to control. There's nothing to manipulate. There's nothing to make better. There's nothing wrong at all. There's nothing at all to do. Just rest as the awareness that is always there, uninvolved with anything, simply aware of its own awareness… Read More »Effortless Awareness that is Always Present
Negative Self Talk Seeing Through Negative Self Talk and BeliefsPresented: January 14, 2022 - Remember that because we are already existing fully awakened enlightened beings. You know, Green Taras, Buddhas, Shiva, Shaktis, whatever your belief system, whatever the most sacred, most awake, most compassionate, most loving being is, we are already all that. And so it doesn't matter what the thoughts are. They can… Read More »Seeing Through Negative Self Talk and Beliefs
vast empty sky Like Wind in a Vast, Empty SkyPresented: January 7, 2022 - This is nondual or essence tradition meditation. Some of these traditions include the Tibetan traditions of Dzogchen and Mahamudra. There's Hindu traditions of Advaita Vedanta and also nondual Shaiva Tantra. And some Chinese Taoist principles, even the Bhagavad Gita, another Hindu classic, all of these are traditions that made talk… Read More »Like Wind in a Vast, Empty Sky
mother buddha love Mother Buddha LovePresented: December 31, 2021 - Now let's imagine this light coming from the sun in front of us, the sun of enlightened wisdom beaming into our hearts. And now it's radiating up and not only filling the head but it's filling the neck, and the throat, and the shoulders, that whole collar region in front… Read More »Mother Buddha Love
inquiry practice Inquiry PracticePresented: December 24, 2021 - What is awareness? What is awareness? We could even ask what is aware? Look now, look in your own experience. Feel, notice what is aware? Read More »Inquiry Practice
total relaxation Total RelaxationPresented: December 17, 2021 - So we want that in our practice both in our body and even in our mind, where the mind is relaxed, the mind is open, the mind is at ease. As I sometimes put it, you know, I said it tonight, the core of your mind relaxes. Read More »Total Relaxation
Short Shamatha SmorgasbordPresented: December 4, 2021 - Guided Nondual Meditation with Michael Taft Streamed live Dec 3, 2021 So, let's begin. We're not going to do most of our usual lead-in today. I just want you to set up your posture and, as usual, get your back nice and upright, pleasantly upright. Top of your head… Read More »Short Shamatha Smorgasbord
Jailbreak! Escape the Cage of Your MindPresented: November 19, 2021 - We're bringing kindness, and caring, and a sense of dignity, and equality to even all the animals on the earth, and every river, and every stream, and every rock, and every plant, and every bird, and every drop of water in the ocean, and every cloud, and every fish, and… Read More »Jailbreak! Escape the Cage of Your Mind
Vipashyana on the Origin, Location, and Destination of ThoughtsPresented: November 12, 2021 - Guided Nondual Meditation with Michael Taft Streamed live on November 11, 2021 So let's begin our meditation now. What I'd like you to do is to set up your posture and remember that in these meditations, the way we're doing this, you're welcome to meditate standing up if that… Read More »Vipashyana on the Origin, Location, and Destination of Thoughts
The Mountain of AwarenessPresented: November 5, 2021 - Streamed live on Nov 4, 2021 Guided Nondual Meditation with Michael Taft Let's begin with our setup. What's the first part of our setup? The first part of our setup is getting in our meditation posture. So I want you to sit up nice and straight in a way… Read More »The Mountain of Awareness