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Realizing the Nature of Mind

nature of mind

Hour-long guided nondual meditation by Michael Taft at the San Francisco Dharma Collective.

15 min of shamatha (relaxing and focusing).
Then we dive into finding the source of thought.
Then into nondual awareness.
Then noticing that all phenomena are made of awareness.

Followed by dharma talk and Q&A

But Is Everything *Really* a Dream?

It’s important to realize that the “everything is a dream” or “everything is a mental creation” teachings are not—in my opinion—intended to say that the world doesn’t exist, or to seriously put forth total solipsism as the truth. Instead, it’s a powerful pointer to the experience of the meditator, in meditation; a pointer that helps you to drop into a much deeper place of realization. In short: everything in your experience is generated by your senses and brain, and that’s what you’re living inside. Noticing this is crucial—it is the definition of awakening. At the same time, I’m never saying that the external world doesn’t exist. There are interesting debates about whether even the strongest proponents of “mind-only” Buddhist theories are either.

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