DY 031 – “Deconstructing the Heart Sutra” with Jayarava Attwood

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DY 031 – “Deconstructing the Heart Sutra” with Jayarava Attwood
Deconstructing Yourself

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Buddhist scholar Jayarava Attwood speaks with host Michael Taft about the history of the Pali Canon, how ideas about karma & dependent arising contradict each other, the shifting grounds under the apparent solidity of the suttas, monism vs. pluralism, meditation as a subjective or objective practice, and the fact that the Sanskrit Heart Sutra is a forgery,

Jayarava is a longtime member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, who writes about the history of ideas in Buddhism. Since 2012 he has been mainly focused on revising the text and history of the Heart Sutra, and also writes about karma and how it changed over time. His blog explores the clash between modernity and tradition with respect to Buddhism. He also works in various art forms, including music, painting, photography, and calligraphy.


On the anupalambha meditation practice:

Jayarava Attwood.

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  1. Does retro causality not throw a monkey wrench into any seeming contradiction between karma and dependent origination given that it (necessarily) negates the idea that “the condition and the effect must be coincident in time?”

    1. @Bane. What is “retro causality”?

      Note that it is dependent arising itself that sets the the criteria of coincidence in time. I work through the reasoning here: http://jayarava.blogspot.com/2018/12/dependent-arising-presence-and-time.html All I say, in relation to this is that you can’t have both this and karma which requires effects manifesting long after the conditions have ceased. The apparent paradox led to some key doctrinal innovations of the Abhidharma period.

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