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Nondualism: The History of an Idea

In November, I spoke about the history of non-dualism at the Science and Non-duality Conference, in San Rafael. I decided to give this talk because although a lot of people talk about nondualism, Advaita, and related concepts, I find that very rarely are they aware of the historical background and development of nondualism as a concept.

This video moves through 5000 years of history in about a half an hour, so many details are left out. However, it makes it easy to get the big picture quickly.

Here’s the description:

Modern thought on nonduality has a long and illustrious lineage. Just where and when people began having nondual experiences, talking about these experiences, and sketching out the philosophy of nondualism is a controversial topic: sure to offend everyone! It is a deliciously dualistic topic, in which no air quotes will be allowed.

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