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Nondual Meditations at The Alembic by Michael Taft

The Freedom of GroundlessnessPresented: June 3, 2022 - Nondual Meditation with Michael Taft Meditation Wow, got a lot of people here tonight. That's great. So let's begin simply by checking in, not meditating, not doing anything special, just tuning in to how it feels to be you right now, the thoughts that are present, the emotions that… Read More »The Freedom of Groundlessness
Giving and Receiving Practice—Compassion MeditationPresented: May 13, 2022 - No matter how much thinking arises in this vast, boundless space, the space of awareness is not disturbed at all. It remains perfectly still. No matter how much emotional difficulty or physical pain arises in this space, awareness itself is not bothered or harmed in any way. This vast space… Read More »Giving and Receiving Practice—Compassion Meditation
Resting as Wakefulness Itself Resting as Wakefulness ItselfPresented: April 22, 2022 - Nothing to do at all. Just resting in being that's always been there already completely perfect. Rest in this wakefulness you already always are. This vast sky of boundless, timeless awakening, crisp, clear, and bright now notices the sun rising again and in it the sun is radiant and effulgent… Read More »Resting as Wakefulness Itself
Resting naturally Resting Naturally in What You Always Already ArePresented: April 15, 2022 - It's funny, you don't really have to pretend or imagine that you are like the sky because that is the actual nature of your own awareness, your own mind. Already, since the very beginning, your natural mind is wide open, utterly awake and aware and bright: effortless, welcoming, clear, and… Read More »Resting Naturally in What You Always Already Are