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Nondual Inquiry Practice

nondual inquiry

Nondual Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

The conscious thinking mind is excellent and solving certain types of problems, or understanding things in certain contexts. How can I fix my sink? What is the solution to this equation? These are the sorts of questions the conscious thinking mind is well-suited to solve. There is another class of problems or questions, however, for which the linear, rational mind is profoundly inadequate. It’s not that it solves them poorly or slowly, it’s that it can never solve them or understand them in any way. Total fail.

Fortunately, we have another resource available as human beings, what we might call the “wisdom mind.” The wisdom mind is nonlinear, transrational, and profoundly mysterious to the everyday mind. It is here that we go to understand or answer a completely different sort of question: What is the meaning of my life? Who am I really? What is beauty? The wisdom mind is excellent at engaging with these sorts of open-ended, hard-to-define questions.

In inquiry practice we drop a question into the well of the wisdom mind, and listen for the echoes that return. We are not using the thinking mind, the verbal rational intelligence. We drop out of that entirely. This is more like waiting for the answer in a dream, or in the spontaneous colorful drawing of a child.

In this video, Michael leads a guided meditation for one hour. As usual we do shamatha with and without an object. Then, Michael asks inquiry questions intended to bring about important insights.

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