Nondual Awareness Meditation

Guided Meditation Videos on Vast Spacious Awareness by Michael Taft

Here is a series of fourteen meditations on what I call nondual awareness, or what I here call vast, spacious awareness. If you want to learn the basics of nondual meditation, just do these eleven guided meditations in order, and listen to the talks afterwards.

Most of the meditations are 50 minutes to an hour long.

If you want to learn more about nonduality, you can start here.

These meditations were streamed live from my class at the San Francisco Dharma Collective. The sound is sometimes quiet or has glitches because of the live streaming.

Befriending Your Mind

Let Go of Grasping

Discovering Sky-like Mind

The World Is Inside You

Awareness Has No Center

Directly Investigating Awareness

Allowing Vast, Open Awareness to Do Vipassana

Three Vehicle Investigation

Dissolving into Vast Spacious Awareness

Awareness Aware of Awareness

Mahamudra Vipashyana on the Moving Mind

Nondual Metta Practice

The World as Dream

The Fox Wedding

Having done all of these meditations diligently, you will have a much better sense of what is meant by nondual awareness, and how to begin to contact it.

Even if you are deeply involved in vipassana practice, I recommend doing some of these nondual awareness meditation practices every once in a while to open things up, loosen your mind a bit, shake out the dust and cobwebs, and freshen things up.

What do I mean by “vast, spacious awareness”? Nothing other than nondual awareness, buddha nature, tathagatagarbha, rigpa.

photo of cranes by Michael Taft