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Michael Talks Meditation at SF Start Up

MWT at RVWOnce a week Rip van Wafels invites an inspirational member of our local community to share their story with us. They talk, we listen, we ask lots of questions – and we all enjoy great coffee & a delicious wafel together. These sessions provide us with valuable insights into how successful people take mindful breaks every day to better function at their jobs, and at life as a whole.

Michael’s Story

As a child, Michael suffered from anxiety and had a fundamental realization: that the problem was in his mind. In those days, there was very little information available on meditation, but he taught himself the basics. The relief was palpable, and he was hooked, continuing to meditate in university.

After university he taught English in Japan for a few years, doing martial arts and meditation. He also spent a lot of time in India, going on pilgrimage and practicing meditation. He also did a lot of reading on neuroscience and got involved in the publishing world – where he became both an author and an editor.

Michael Taft now contributes to Huffington Post on articles related to meditation, mindfulness & neuroscience, is the editor-in-chief at Being Human and has his own blog, Deconstructing Yourself.


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