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Meditation Bench DIY — How To

meditation bench diyWant a nice meditation bench but don’t want to shell out the cash? No problem. You can build one yourself with this meditation bench DIY.

Meditation benches are a tradition in Japanese Buddhism. The are called seiza benches, because they help you to sit in the traditional way, kneeling on the floor with your knees in front, which is called seiza (“correct sitting”).

Because of the kneeling posture it makes possible, sometimes this type of bench is also called a “kneeling stool.”

For many Westerners, kneeling on the floor is excruciating, but a seiza bench makes it easy. Using a meditation bench (kneeling stool) will allow you to sit comfortably for hours, without any pain.

Here’s an instructable on building as seiza bench for yourself. You’ll find full meditation bench plans there.

If you’re new to meditation, or want to learn about other ways to sit in meditation, check out this article.


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