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The Long Road to Good Sex

I write to you on the day of my book launch. Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out is now available wherever books are sold. I have to tell you it feels good, really good. I’ve been alternating between a dizzying happiness and an almost anxious excitement. Along with a slew of other emotions I’m also feeling a double-wide truck full of gratitude. Gratitude for you.

It was a little over six years ago when I wrote my first article for Deconstructing Yourself. It took all the self-soothing and mindfulness I could muster to write it. I had four friends give me notes before Michael even laid eyes on it. I was terrified. What if no one liked it? What if no one read it?

But you did read it and you did like it. So I wrote another, and then another. And soon Michael asked me to become a contributing editor. I wrote about my meditation practice, my awakenings, bad massages, terror on the cushion, and so much more. Your support kept me going even when I had writer’s block. At some point I started writing the Mindful Sex Series. My first article on mindful sex kind of blew up. People were ready to get real about sex and spirituality. You wanted a dogma free way to bring your spiritual practice into your sex life. I found my a calling.

I had no idea that my Mindful Sex series would turn into a book. I was just writing about something I love; sex. But it hit a chord and soon I was approached by a publisher and I somehow wrote an entire book. It didn’t end up working out with that publisher and my book was scooped up in the loving arms of North Atlantic Books.

Now the big day is here. I’ve become a published author. I still can’t quite believe it, but it’s real. And it’s real because of each one of you. You read my articles. You shared my articles. You sent me emails about how my writing helped you. You encouraged me to keep writing. Even if it was hard. Even if I wanted to watch The Walking Dead instead.

You have helped me create a life that I love and I will be forever grateful.

Now I need your support again. If you are willing, I ask you to buy my book on Amazon and then write me a review. Reviews are what makes a book stand out. Reviews are also what help me to know what I’m doing well and what I need to put some focus on. You can order the book through Amazon here. There is a print version, a Kindle version, and an audiobook, which I voiced.

I’m also launching a new business called Wild Awakening. I’m helping humans to have spiritual, sexual, and creative awakenings. It’s a true passion of mine and again, it is in part thanks to you, that I discovered this calling.

Tomorrow my book will be out in the world. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you. From my mind, heart, and gut; thank you. I see you and I love you.





Jessica Graham demonstrates that a deep spiritual life and an extraordinary sex life are not mutually exclusive in this keenly personal and unflinchingly frank guide to finding mindfulness in sex without losing the fun and adventure. Not only a tool kit for creating a rich and deeply satisfying sex life, this playful, explicit, and transformative book conveys the deeper message of how combining meditation with sex can bring about profound spiritual awakenings. Graham discusses everything from open-eyed orgasms to threesomes to how to deal with a partner with a low sex drive. From a sex-positive and nontraditional stance Good Sex explores nonmonogamy, the benefits of pornography, sexual trauma, consent, and much more.

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