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Jhanas, Technology, and Tradition with Stephen Zerfas


Host Michael Taft speaks with entrepreneur and meditator Stephen Zerfas on using technology to potentially enhance the learning of the jhanas, Zerfas’ background in meditation and jhana practice, and the vision of scaling adoption of the jhanas on a global scale. 

Stephen Zerfas a cofounder of Jhourney, a startup that is currently creatings meditation retreats using novel methods to teach novices to reach jhana. Stephen stumbled into the first three jhanas on his own, and has dedicated his career to scaling them after learning of their rich history. He’s trained with several jhana teachers, including Leigh Brasington and Delson Armstrong.

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1 thought on “Jhanas, Technology, and Tradition with Stephen Zerfas”

  1. Thank you for this insightful conversation, Stephen. Your exploration of jhanas through both technological and traditional lenses offers a refreshing perspective on an ancient practice. I appreciate how you delineate the structured progression of jhanas and their significance in achieving deep meditative states.

    Your comparison between modern scientific approaches and traditional Buddhist practices is particularly fascinating. It highlights the importance of understanding jhanas not merely as esoteric states but as systematically attainable through diligent practice. The integration of technology, such as neurofeedback and brainwave monitoring, presents exciting possibilities for those who might struggle with traditional methods or seek to enhance their practice.

    Moreover, your emphasis on the ethical and practical applications of jhana states resonates well with contemporary mindfulness movements. It underscores that while the technological advancements can aid in achieving these states, the essence of jhanas lies in their potential to foster compassion, wisdom, and inner peace.

    In summary, your work bridges a vital gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, offering a comprehensive approach to deepening meditation practice. I look forward to seeing how these interdisciplinary explorations continue to evolve and enrich our understanding of consciousness and well-being.

    Antique Buddhas

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