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How to Rate and Review Podcasts in the iPhone App

rate and review

Wondering how to rate a podcast on your iPhone? Most guides show you how to do it with an iTunes search. But if you’re using your iOS Podcast app, there is a much easier method. The podcast app on iTunes is the one with this icon:

rate and review

If you’re listening using that app, rating is a breeze. Rating and reviewing a podcast is the best method to help it get seen and heard by many more listeners. Check out the images below to see how to rate and review. Note: this guide is for iOS 11.

1. Go to the podcast you want to rate.
The main page will look like the one at left. Once you’re at the page for the podcast, all you do is scroll to the bottom of the page.


rate and review


2. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Rating area.
You can read the previous ratings and reviews here. If you just want to do the simple thing and simple leave a rating, then all you have to do is tap the stars. It’s that easy! Remember that selecting five stars is always wonderful, but if you select fewer than five stars, it’s helpful to explain why with a written review.


rate and review

If you want to leave a written review, you have to scroll slightly further down…

3. At the bottom of the review area, you’ll find a link to “Write a Review.”
Clicking on that does exactly what you would expect.

rate and review

4. You can write a text review in the review screen.
Write a review here. Be detailed about the specific things you find good about the podcast. It helps others to understand whether to listen or not. Every podcast creator likes to see reviews like “It’s great!” but it’s better to say something specific.

rate and review

5. When you’re done with your review, hit “Send.”
It’s that easy to rate and review a podcast on the podcast app on iPhone. It makes a huge difference to the success of a podcast when you rate and/or review it. iTunes determines which podcasts to feature based on statistics like number of listens and number of (positive) reviews. So if there’s a podcast you like, please make the effort to do rate and review. It means that many more people will be exposed to the podcast.

rate and review


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photo by Eduardo Woo



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