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Guided Meditations at SFDC by Michael Taft

Daniel Ingram and Michael Taft Guest Q&A with Daniel Ingram and Michael TaftPresented: October 25, 2019 - Daniel Ingram and Michael Taft Program begins with a guided nondual mindfulness meditation by Michael Taft lasting 30 minutes. Then Michael introduces special guest Daniel Ingram, and the two take questions from the group at San Francisco Dharma Collective for over an hour. Discussion includes maps of meditation and… Read More »Guest Q&A with Daniel Ingram and Michael Taft
seaweed rocks Nondual Meditation on Sound, Body, and AwarenessPresented: October 11, 2019 - Hour-long guided nondual meditation. Begins with 15 minutes of deep belly breathing, and mindfulness of body posture. Then allowing awareness to contact external sounds, then body sensations. Finally diving into vast, spacious awareness with no object. Dharma talk begins around 1:03:00 followed by Q&A. In the history of spirituality,… Read More »Nondual Meditation on Sound, Body, and Awareness
machinery of the mind Dropping Out of the Machinery of the MindPresented: October 4, 2019 - Guided meditation for one hour, followed by dharma talk and Q&A. When we do mindfulness, we are typically doing it from the position of an observer. A person "over here" looking at a body sensation (or other sensory arising) "over there." But there is no need to create this… Read More »Dropping Out of the Machinery of the Mind
lions roar The Lion’s RoarPresented: September 13, 2019 - Nondual guided meditation lasting one hour. Includes several inquiry questions. At 1:02:30 the dharma talk begins, centering on the story of the lion cub who thought he was a lamb. Ends with the lion's roar of full awkening. Read More »The Lion’s Roar
vanishings into the void Vanishings into the VoidPresented: August 23, 2019 - Guided meditation lasting approximately one hour, focused on noticing how all sensory phenomena go from being solid objects, to vibratory activities, to vast spacious awareness. Self and world dissolve into the void. 1:01:00 - Dharma talk. How do nondual practices and vipassana practices integrate (if at all)? Michael introduces… Read More »Vanishings into the Void
fox wedding The Fox WeddingPresented: August 9, 2019 - Guided meditation by Michael Taft, lasting approx one hour. Begins with a long session of deep, belly breathing (about 15 min).Then we contact vast, spacious awareness, going very deeply into it.We then center awareness in the heart.Then from here, at the source of awareness, we observe sensory phenomena coming… Read More »The Fox Wedding
world as dream The World as DreamPresented: August 2, 2019 - A guided meditation led by Michael Taft. Meditation starts at the beginning and lasts for about one hour. Followed by dharma talk and Q&A. (Warning: the audio quality on this video has some bad spots.) In the Diamond Cutter Sutra, the Buddha describes how to regard sensory experience: “This… Read More »The World as Dream
nondual metta Nondual Metta PracticePresented: July 26, 2019 - Typical metta practice is done from the dualistic position of being the doer of the metta. Here, we contact vast spacious awareness and (in a guided visualization) connect with the source of everything. It is the source (i.e. awareness itself, when pictured as a "thing") which then does the… Read More »Nondual Metta Practice
mahamudra vipashyana Mahamudra Vipshyana on the Moving Mind – Guided MeditationPresented: July 19, 2019 - Michael Taft teaches this guided meditation called Mahamudra Vipshyana on the Moving Mind. Once we contact vast, spacious awareness clearly, it is possible to observe the arising of thoughts from this (non)perspective. We witness thoughts surfacing clearly, brightly, vibrantly, sharply, spontaneously and simply observe them. If at any point… Read More »Mahamudra Vipshyana on the Moving Mind – Guided Meditation
awareness aware of awareness Awareness Aware of AwarenessPresented: July 12, 2019 - One hour guided meditation by Michael Taft on contacting vast, spacious awareness. Ends at 1:00:54 Then dharma talk and Q&A. This is a variation on the age-old technique created by Dogen (1200–1253 c.e.) called eko hensho in Japanese. This means "turn the light around" or in other words to… Read More »Awareness Aware of Awareness