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Guided Meditations at SFDC by Michael Taft

pure embodied awareness Pure Embodied AwarenessPresented: January 24, 2020 - Guided nondual meditation by Michael Taft at the San Francisco Dharma Collective. Meditation lasts 1 hour, followed by dharma talk and questions. When we allow awareness to simply and directly notice body sensations—without the tension or effort of egoic manipulation—we come into a kind of pure embodied awareness. We also… Read More »Pure Embodied Awareness
awareness itself Phenomena are Made of Awareness ItselfPresented: January 17, 2020 - Guided nondual meditation by Michael Taft at San Francisco Dharma Collective. Meditation begins almost right away, and lasts for one hour. Followed by Q&A with the sangha. Special guest: Rin'dzin Pamo (who was present but doesn't speak in this video.) Allowing awareness to rest in itself (as we do after… Read More »Phenomena are Made of Awareness Itself
The One Real MiraclePresented: January 10, 2020 - Guided nondual meditation by Michael Taft at the San Francisco Dharma Collective.Meditation starts almost at the beginning, and lasts for one hour. Then a dharma talk followed by Q&A. The "one real miracle" referred to here is the miracle of awareness itself. There is currently no explanation for awareness, how… Read More »The One Real Miracle
nature of mind Realizing the Nature of MindPresented: December 20, 2019 - Hour-long guided nondual meditation by Michael Taft at the San Francisco Dharma Collective. 15 min of shamatha (relaxing and focusing). Then we dive into finding the source of thought. Then into nondual awareness.Then noticing that all phenomena are made of awareness. Followed by dharma talk and Q&A But Is… Read More »Realizing the Nature of Mind
guided nondual meditation Emptiness of Thought and FeelingPresented: December 13, 2019 - Hour-long guided nondual meditation practice with Michael Taft. Followed by group Q&A. Learn more about nonduality here. You can watch many more videos in this series here. Read More »Emptiness of Thought and Feeling
emptiness Emptiness, EmptinessPresented: December 6, 2019 - Hour long guided meditation on emptiness by Michael Taft. Begins with 15 min of shamatha. Followed by 15 min of contacting the natural mind (i.e. vast spacious awareness). Then we investigate the emptiness of all phenomena, including the emptiness of awareness and even of emptiness itself. Core nonduality at… Read More »Emptiness, Emptiness
gratitude Thanksgiving Guided Meditation on GratitudePresented: November 28, 2019 - Michael W. Taft leads a 30 minute guided meditation on gratitude. Begins with shamatha on thoughts and feelings of gratitude. Then switches to nondual awareness of gratitude. Although this was originally recorded on Thanksgiving Day in the US, the gratitude meditation doesn't contain any references to Thanksgiving Day, and… Read More »Thanksgiving Guided Meditation on Gratitude
inconceivable The InconceivablePresented: November 22, 2019 - Hour-long guided meditation by Michael Taft, exploring the inconceivable nature of awareness and experience. Live stream from SFDC, specially transported to Sarvagandhasugandha for one night. Meditation ends around 1:01:00Then dharma talk and Q&A. Meditation steps:- Shamatha (i.e. relax and focus)- Contacting the natural mind- Noticing the dream-like nature of experience… Read More »The Inconceivable
awareness Awareness Seeing the Sense of SelfPresented: November 15, 2019 - Hour-long guided meditation by Michael Taft. Approx 15 min of deep belly breathing for shamatha, then about 20 min of dropping into nondual awareness, followed by allowing awareness to notice the sense of self. Dharma talk begins at approx 1:00:00, when Michael tells the teaching story of the WW1… Read More »Awareness Seeing the Sense of Self
meditating down the stack Meditating Down the StackPresented: November 8, 2019 - Guided mindfulness meditation from the surface of awareness to the very source of awareness. Michael guides the group through a meditation descending through (most of) his vipassana map. One hour sit. Starts almost at the beginning. Followed by dharma talk and Q&A. See this podcast to understand the system… Read More »Meditating Down the Stack