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Exploring Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Christopher Wallis

Hareesh Tantra

Join host Michael Taft as he talks with Tantrik scholar and practitioner Christopher Wallis about the tradition of Nondual Shaiva Tantra, the full void pregnant with possibilities, savoring the transcendent in every sensual experience, the differences between Nondual Shaiva Tantra and Advaita Vedanta, the origins of Tantra and Vajrayana, sublime beauty, aesthetic rapture, and much more.

Christopher Wallis, also known as Hareesh, is a Sanskritist and scholar-practitioner of Classical Tantra with thirty years experience. He was initiated by a traditional Indian guru at the age of sixteen, and received education at yoga āshrams, both in India and the West. He holds several degrees including an M.Phil. in Classical Indian Religions from Oxford, and a Ph.D. in Sanskrit from U.C. Berkeley. Hareesh is the author of Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition, and of The Recognition Sutras, a translation and commentary on a 1000-year-old masterpiece on experiential recognition of oneself as a direct expression of universal divine Consciousness.

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2 thoughts on “Exploring Nondual Shaiva Tantra with Christopher Wallis”

  1. Hi Michael,
    Regarding the question from Hareesh at about 30 minutes concerning the notion of “full” or “expressive” emptiness in tantric Buddhism: Take a look at Tony Duff’s book, “The Other Emptiness”. He does a good job of explaining this concept and the language used to express it in Tibetan vajrayana Buddhism.

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