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Exploring Effort vs. Non-Effort in Meditation

Effortless Sunrise

People often talk about effortlessness in meditation, but would you even know what effortless meditation would even like?

Let’s try an experiment right now. Hold your dominant hand out where you can see it. Now clench it into a fist and squeeze. Squeeze it hard. Really do it. Really, really hard.

Now let go of that squeezing. Feel how that’s different.

So here’s my question: I think we can all agree that the squeezing is an action. But what about the letting go? Is that also an action?

In the way we’re working in this video, for the purposes of practice, this letting go is not an action. It’s a letting go or ceasing of the action you were doing previously. It’s a relinquishing of effort. It’s not-doing.

This is an effortless meditation. Meditation without doing. Try it.

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