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Entering the Dharma Door of Nonduality, Part 8B—The Vision of Abhirati


This is the final episode of an eight week collaboration between Michael Owens and Michael Taft. Each Sunday, Michael Owens taught on a(t least one) chapter of the VNS. Then the following Thursday, Michael Taft led a guided meditation based on that chapter.

The nondual guided meditation lasts for one hour. Following that there is a dharma talk and Q&A session for about 30minutes.

Again this week we begin the meditation with rousing bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is the strong intention to lead all beings in the universe to perfect awakening. It is the fundamental mood or attitude of the bodhisattva.

After rousing bodhicitta, we do samatha with an object for 15 min. Then shamatha without an object for 15 min. The we meditate on the “mirror-like awareness” (characterized by the buddha Akshobhya) until the end.

Quote from this Chapter

“We have gained great benefit from having seen a holy man such as he. We have gained a great benefit from having heard such teaching of the Dharma, whether the Tathāgata himself still actually exists or whether he has already attained ultimate liberation. Hence, there is no need to mention the great benefit for those who, having heard it, believe it, rely on it, embrace it, remember it, read it, and penetrate to its depth, and, having found faith in it, teach, recite, and show it to others and apply themselves to the yoga of meditation upon its teaching.

“Those living beings who understand correctly this teaching of the Dharma will obtain the treasury of the jewels of the Dharma.

“Those who study correctly this teaching of the Dharma will become the companions of the Tathāgata. Those who honor and serve the adepts of this doctrine will be the true protectors of the Dharma. Those who write, teach, and worship this teaching of the Dharma will be visited by the Tathāgata in their homes. Those who take pleasure in this teaching of the Dharma will embrace all merits. Those who teach it to others, whether it be no more than a single stanza of four lines, or a single summary phrase from this teaching of the Dharma, will be performing the great Dharma-sacrifice. And those who devote to this teaching of the Dharma their tolerance, their zeal, their intelligence, their discernment, their vision, and their aspirations, thereby become subject to the prophesy of future Buddhahood!”

~ from The Teaching of Vimalakirti, translated by Robert Thurman

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