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Eco-Aesthetics and the Poetry of Longing, with Rick Jarow

Rick Jarow

What can ancient Sanskrit poetry of love and longing teach us about our own deepest spirituality? Join host Michael Taft as he explores this question with professor, author, and teacher Rick Jarow. Further topics include the tantric aspect of poetry, how landscape and nature informs and embodies our spirituality, the role of the word in transcendence, sacred passion for the divine as expressed in the poetics of longing, and much more.

Rick Jarow Ph.D. is a author, teacher, and scholar of Indian languages and literature. Recently retired from his position as a Religious Studies professor at Vassar college in New York,  Rick leads workshops and retreats worldwide. His books include: In Search of the Sacred, Tales for the Dying, and a new work: The Cloud of Longing: A New Translation and Eco-Aesthetic Study of Kalidasa’s Meghaduta. 

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1 thought on “Eco-Aesthetics and the Poetry of Longing, with Rick Jarow”

  1. As I head to a COVID funeral soon, this conversation settled my being. Thank you for the sound of your voices, the content of the conversation and the peace I’m carrying on with now. Added to it all, the references to my beloved Hilda Charlton, where I first met Rick Jarow in her living room.

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