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Deconstructing Dependent Arising – with Leigh Brasington

dependent arising

Leigh Brasington speaks with host Michael W. Taft about Dependent Arising. Dependent Arising, also called Dependent Origination, is a Buddhist theory of reality that is famously complex, arcane, important, and fascinating. In this episode they discuss early Buddhist metaphysics, Pratītyasamutpāda—the “curious old rune”, the four noble truths version of Dependent Arising, the Vedic Hymn of Creation, Leigh’s model of SODAPI (Streams of Dependently Arising Processes Interacting), and how to use the teaching of Dependent Arising in practice and in life.

Leigh Brasington has been practicing meditation for decades and is the senior American student of the late Venerable  Ayya Khema. Leigh began assisting her in 1994, and began teaching retreats on his own in 1997. He teaches in Europe and North America and is the author of the book Right Concentration: A Practical Guide to the Jhanas. Find more about Leigh’s teaching and schedule at


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4 thoughts on “Deconstructing Dependent Arising – with Leigh Brasington”

  1. Best podcast on the street! Love it! If you wanted to do a follow up to the episode on dependent arisings, it could be fascinating to have someone like Greg Goode or CW Huntington Jr talk about the teachings of Nagarjuna!

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