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Secular Meditation

The Great Unbundling – with Vincent Horn


In this episode I talk with mindfulness teacher and co-founder of the Buddhist Geeks project, Vincent Horn. Vince is part of new generation of teachers translating age-old wisdom into 21st century code. In this session, Vince and I discuss the radical sense of experimentation, the Great Unbundling of the Dharma, ways the mindfulness and awareness practices complement each other—which is turning out to be something of a theme on the show lately—, the perhaps greatly exaggerated reports of the death of Buddhism, what Buddhism and meditation can offer the Silicon Valley worldview. as well as a scintillating juvenile foray into enlightened scatology.

Learn more about Vince at Buddhist Geeks.

Show Notes

0:25 Introduction and overview
1:52 – Vince talks about Buddhist Geeks, his interest in mindfulness and his teaching project at meditate.io
3:45 – Vince’s meditation and teaching background, working with somatic practices and vipassanā, and his time at Naropa University
8:16 – What’s exciting and interesting in mindfulness now, radical experimentation in the new generation, the unbundling of the Dharma
11:38 – Playing with the core meditative elements (concentration, inquiry, etc.) of different traditions
14:45 – Defining mindfulness and awareness, and how they work together
24:45 – Has Buddhism weeded out all meditative dead-ends or is experimentation and knowing for oneself useful? Can we discover things that haven’t been done before?
28:22 – Technology and making sense of what practice is while rapid change is occurring
30:34 – Scatology: literal and figurative shit
33:50 – Human relationships: self, other, and “individuality first” in practice
37:00 – The co-construction of reality, and social noting
42:15 – Meditation’s reinvention in the 1800s and 1900s, and the arising of noting in response to colonialism
44:54 – Is Buddhism dying?
49:33 – Silicon Valley, immortality, and Ray Kurzweil
57:36 – The juice of the unknown and a shift in the way we know things
1:04:40 – As many types of nonduality as dualities
1:07:16 – Vince and Emily’s teaching synergy, one-on-one teacher meetings

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  1. mr4nders0n March 10, 2018

    how do i download the audio of the interview ?

    1. MWT March 10, 2018

      You can right click on it. Most people, however, subscribe to the podcast in order to get it offline. Either way works fine.


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