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Changing Minds with David McRaney


Host Michael Taft speaks with author, science journalist, and psychology nerd David McRaney about what sorts of conversations actually cause human beings to change their minds; the fascinating on-the-ground research of groups like Street Epistemology and Deep Canvassers, the stories of people deciding to leave insular in-groups such as the Westboro Baptist church and 9-11 Truthers, the deep neuroscience behind “The Dress” phenomenon, the role of storytelling in human interactions, and much more.

David McRaney currently hosts a bi-weekly, top-100 podcast about human judgment and decision-making, and recently created a documentary about IQ and genius and a television show about how to better predict the impact of technological disruption. His most recent book is How Minds Change, about the science, and the experience, of transformation.

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1 thought on “Changing Minds with David McRaney”

  1. Great talk! This podcast pushed me to subscribe to David McRaney’s podcast You Are Not So Smart AND to listen to his book How Minds Change.

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