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Boundaryless, Timeless Stillness


Nondual Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

Continuing with digging deeper into nondual meditation techniques over the past year or so, in this guided meditation, Michael Taft expands contact with the experience of the awakened mind—which is boundaryless, timeless, and perfectly still.

The awakened mind is not just nondual, it has more qualities than simple nonduality. It also has the quality of boundarylessness, which means that it is very expansive, like vast space. We don’t call it infinite because that is a definite size, but instead we simply that we cannot find a boundary anywhere. Boundarylessness occurs because the awakened mind lets go of creating and maintaining the artificial structure and boundaries of self and world. Rather, it sees through them; sees their emptiness clearly. When boundaries become empty, boundarylessness arises; a sense of vast, limitless space.

Awakened mind also has the quality of timelessness. Time, like boundaries, is a construction of the mind; a fabrication that we lay on top of naked experience. As we contact the awakened mind more deeply, the construction of time falls away, revealing an underlying ocean of eternity. A quality of time out of time. Things still apparently move and change, impermanence continues, but this is seen to be simply the play of the display, occurring on a background of eternal, perfect timelessness.

Just as boundaries and time become empty, all movement, all change becomes empty too. Beneath it lies perfect stillness; a sense of utter, rock-solid immovability which is extremely pleasant. These three things, together with the sense of nonduality, begin to touch the true depth of the awakened mind.

The meditation is followed by a dharma talk and Q&A.

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