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Befriending Your Mind


In this guided nondual meditation by Michael Taft, we dive into the territory of meditating on the activity of the mind. It’s not about controlling, dominating, changing, or stopping your thoughts. Instead, it’s all about making friends with the three lbs. of yogurt sloshing around in your cranium.

This is similar to the meditation technique often called “taking the mind as the path.” This means that whatever arises in the mind is fine. The goal is simply to observe whatever is happening there with great clarity and equanimity. Not getting involved with thought at all, but simply watching thought. It’s important to realize that this is different from the usual mindfulness meditation of dismissing thoughts by noticing them and letting them go, which is a method for returning attention to the breath (i.e. not being distracted by thoughts). In this meditation, the thoughts are the focus object, not a distraction. We bring our attention back to thoughts over and over.

Extra-length 50 minute guided meditation. Followed by Q&A session featuring the “bait ball” metaphor of the mind. Now with extra marine mammals!

photo by Kris Krüg

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