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Awareness Seeing the Sense of Self


Hour-long guided meditation by Michael Taft. Approx 15 min of deep belly breathing for shamatha, then about 20 min of dropping into nondual awareness, followed by allowing awareness to notice the sense of self.

Dharma talk begins at approx 1:00:00, when Michael tells the teaching story of the WW1 soldier, followed by Q&A.

Turn up the sound as loud as you can.

Where Is the Self?

The amazing thing about the sense of self is that we are all quite convinced that we have one, that we, in fact, are one (i.e. the sense of self is our identity), and that we base all of our life choices around this apparent identity. Yet when we look to find the self, something very unexpected occurs: we cannot find it. Looking closely, repeatedly, and with great finesse, you will notice that the sense of self disappears, or seems to vanish, each time you look for it. It is like a mirage that seems to be real until you actually try to go to it. If you cannot find your sense of self, who then are you really? What is this sense of self apparently constructed out of? Where was it created and where is it going?

What Is Awareness?

More importantly: what is this awareness that experiences the sense of self? What is the awareness that looks for the sense of self? Look at this directly and honestly, over and over. Any answers that arise as explanations, concepts, or thoughts of any kind, you can simply let go of, and come back to seeking directly. Accept no substitutes.

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