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Awareness Has No Center

Guided meditation (about 55 min) on emptiness by Michael Taft at the San Francisco Dharma Collective. Noticing that awareness has no center, and that every part of awareness is equally aware.

From the viewpoint of Mind, all content arises in awareness. Self and world arise in the field of awareness. This means that awareness has no center point, no place from which it’s arising. It contains all locations, therefore is nowhere. Furthermore, all points in awareness are equally aware. When we let go of all fabrications, including the unconscious fabrications about the layout of the body within the environment, this centerlessness of awareness is perfectly easy and direct to notice. It is, in fact, impossible to miss.

Dharma talk begins at 58:55 on the topic of emptiness, awareness, and Mind. Noticing and letting go of fabrications.

photo by J Brew

2 thoughts on “Awareness Has No Center”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful talk. It reminded me of Bankei Yotaku a teacher I have reverence for, “If anyone thinks, “No, I’m not. I’m not enlightened,” I want him to step forward. Tell me: What is it that makes a person unenlightened? ….When you go home, your husband, son, daugher-in-law or someone else may say or do something that displeases you….. If something like that happens, and you grasp onto it and begin to fret over it, sending the blood to your head, raising up your horns, and falling into illlusion because of your self-partiality, the Buddha-mind turns willy-nilly into a fighting spirit. Until you transform it, you live just as you are in the unborn Buddha-mind; you aren’t deluded or unenlightened.”

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