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Michael W. Taft

mind as path

Taking the Mind as Path

Remain uninvolved with anything. Awareness is bright and clear. It’s very very awake. It’s also vast. It’s spacious. It’s open. It’s at ease. It’s restful. There’s a sense of space, of room. It’s just wide awake and resting – resting like an ocean, resting like a mountain. It’s just being. It’s wide awake itself – uninvolved with anything. Notice that any idea, that you’re even doing something, is a kind of involvement. So let go of the sense of doing a meditation, of trying to do a technique. Just rest as the vast spacious awareness you already are and always have been.


Equanimity Amidst Chaos

For so long you’ve thought you are the thoughts and feelings of the ripples on the surface, but if you’re anything at all you are this deep ocean of awareness that can be aware of those ripples sometimes but right now is just aware of its nature as peace and stillness and wakefulness, undisturbed by anything. 

Effortless Awareness that is Always Present

There’s nothing to change. There’s nothing to fix. There’s nothing to control. There’s nothing to manipulate. There’s nothing to make better. There’s nothing wrong at all. There’s nothing at all to do. Just rest as the awareness that is always there, uninvolved with anything, simply aware of its own awareness without any effort. Zero effort. Rest like that. 

Jailbreak! Escape the Cage of Your Mind

We’re bringing kindness, and caring, and a sense of dignity, and equality to even all the animals on the earth, and every river, and every stream, and every rock, and every plant, and every bird, and every drop of water in the ocean, and every cloud, and every fish, and all beings on the entire earth becoming healed, and joyous, and thriving, again.

total relaxation

Total Relaxation

So we want that in our practice both in our body and even in our mind, where the mind is relaxed, the mind is open, the mind is at ease. As I sometimes put it, you know, I said it tonight, the core of your mind relaxes.