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Jessica Graham

Eating Mindfully

When I quit drinking,  I acquired a sweet tooth. For the first time in my life I started eating until I was painfully full. I very unconsciously tore though whole pizzas and third helpings of… Read More »Eating Mindfully

losing control

Losing Control

by Jessica Graham [dropcap]In[/dropcap] mindfulness meditation we observe and explore our experience without trying to control, manipulate, or change it. One the first big insights for many of us is how much we try to… Read More »Losing Control

Dying with Dad, Part 2

by Jessica Graham My teacher Shinzen teaches that mindfulness meditation has three parts: concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity, which all together lead to a reduction in suffering. But sometimes people have “freak-outs.” A freak-out is… Read More »Dying with Dad, Part 2